Standing Computer Desk Dual Monitor Arms

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A strong C-clamp secures to desk surfaces ranging from 0.4″ to 3.35″ in thickness.

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● Provides the adjustability needed to place two monitors at an optimal distance (just beyond fingertip reach) and height (with the tops of your screens just below eye level). Easy to adjust
● Gas spring mechanism in each arm supports a monitor from 4.5 lb to 17.5 lb. Delivers 16.25" of height adjustment
● The extra long reach arms handle larger dual monitors while giving them more range of motion
● Clamp mount attaches the arm to the edge of desks 0.75" to 3.75" thick; or use the optional included bolt-through mount to station the arm anywhere you'd like by using an existing grommet hole or drilling a small hole
● Easily install monitors using our quick-release mounts. Screw the separate quick-release plate onto your monitor; then snap them onto the arm. No lifting the monitor while inserting screws!
● Maximize desktop space by elevating your monitors—or laptop, with an optional attachment. Integrated wire management minimizes clutter
● Limit the arm's rotation to 180 degrees, or remove the stopping pin for a 360-degree range of motion. Coordinate the arm's finish with your Desk frame color
● Be sure to check that your monitor's weight is compatible with the arm's capabilities

Monitor Arms
Monitor Arms2

Position Your Dual Monitors Ergonomically

If you've developed neck or shoulder pain from straining to view your computer screens, the Monitor Arm is just the solution you're looking for. It enables you to set two monitors at the perfect position for your body and eyes , whether you're sitting or standing. Neck strain can be caused by monitors that are too far away, causing you to extend your neck forward to get your eyes closer to the monitor. So get those screens at fingertip reach distance away by eliminating the stand under your monitors and levitating them on these long reach arms.

Ergonomics tells us that your monitor screen should be located at an outreached fingertip arm's length away, with the top of your screen at eye level and tilted to minimize glare. This arm boasts a range of adjustments that enable you to properly position monitors from 4.5 lb to 17.5 lb—including 16.25" of vertical travel.

And if you need to share some on-screen information with a coworker, the arm provides enough range of motion to quickly pull a screen into their field of view and tilt it left or right, as needed.

Monitor Arms1

Desk Clamp Mount

A strong C-clamp secures to desk surfaces ranging from 0.4" to 3.35" in thickness.

Grommet Mount

The sturdy grommet mount can be attached to any desk ranging in thickness from 0.4" to 3.15".

Detachable VESA Plate

Mounting your monitor is a simple process with a detachable VESA plate. The attachment fits most screens supporting VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm mounting holes.

Adjustable Gas Spring Tension 

Turn Turn the bolt clockwise(" - " direction) to reduce tension for lighter monitors, or turn the bolt counterclockwise ("+" direction) to increase tension for heavier monitors.

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