Advantages and disadvantages of standing office desks


1, Standing Desk Advantage

① A standing desk allows you to concentrate more
Standing desk, for office workers, a long time to do a job will make people feel more boring, so we need to use standing desk can alleviate this state, so that people can focus on doing things.

② Standing can lose weight
When sitting, a lot of energy consumption is less. When sitting, the consumption of heart rate and heat will be reduced. Standing can effectively increase energy consumption.

③ Relieve back pain
It's great to use the back of a standing desk. When standing, the back is in its natural position. I couldn't feel the stiff pain in my back all day. I can no longer feel the existence of this problem. It's like I've never had a problem with my back. I believe that standing work can prevent my back disease in the future. Many people say that the pain in the back has been alleviated since they changed to standing office.

④ Keep alert, moderate fatigue
At the same time, it can also bring you moderate fatigue. At the end of the day, when I lie in bed, I hate the emptiness of "TM didn't do anything today". Standing can easily satisfy this, make your body feel tired properly, and go to sleep contentedly.

2, standing desk shortcomings

① Long sight injures blood, long lying injures Qi, long sitting injures flesh, long standing injures bone and long walking injures Qi. Today's office workers sit too much and don't sit properly. After a long time, their meridians will be blocked, and their muscles and meridians will be stiff and strained. " Director Bao said that because the spine and muscles are in a string, so the cervical spine is damaged, and it will definitely affect the lumbar spine after a long time, and vice versa.

② I find that I like to lie on the table when standing. It's not good for eyes. It's too close to the computer screen. When you are sitting, there is a gap between you and the table. In order to prevent this, I will put the mat away from the table.

③ When I stand, my feet become the main part of my body. After standing for a long time, I found that the sole of my foot would hurt. The muscles in the calf, stomach and thigh feel tight. The tension extends from the thigh to the floor of the foot. But it's not very serious. After standing for a period of time, you will find it when you walk.


Standing desk is a new type of desk, which breaks the traditional mode of people sitting for a long time. Let people experience a new standing pleasure, but there are also its shortcomings. Standing desk through the above introduction, I hope to help you!

Post time: Jul-09-2021