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Elegance is the hallmark of Bamboo products, and Kana Bamboo Standing Desk is no different. Nothing beats the elegance of natural bamboo material. We employ lateral compression technology to retain the beautiful, natural grain of every bamboo strip. Moreover, we provide both rectangular and curved board for fans of traditional and chic, contemporary style, and three desktop sizes for you to choose from as well.

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We've combined the electric height adjustable desk frame, and spacious table top, for the complete Electric Standing Desk with Table Top Package from MingMing! The frame allows you to find that much needed healthy balance between sitting and standing throughout the long work day, and height adjustment is made easy with the smooth, powerful motor. The desktop is a trendy matte Maple Leaf color with modern shape so your new desk blends with any environment. With a frame constructed of solid steel, it supports up to 80KG and is built to last. The table top's integrated cable management system ensures that cords and cables are neatly organized and hidden from view for a tidy workspace that encourages concentration. The desk platform comes packaged in 3 sections, and all necessary hardware is provided to get your desk frame put together and mounted to your desktop in no time!

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No need to worry about finding a trendy table surface and desk frame that are sold separately, hoping they fit together. This complete height adjustable workstation was created to make your search for an electric sit to stand desk easier and more convenient. The large size provides space for multi-monitor setups and important work materials.

Without changing the desk,it can reduce the damage to the cervical spine and lumbar spine by sitting for a long time and improve work efficiency. 
Easy to install 
Simple in shape 
Single motor standing desk
Height Range 730mm-1200mm
Length Range 1100mm
Package Size  1290mm*690mm*130mm
Hold Capacity 120KG 
Lifting Speed 15-22mm/s
Lifting Stages 2 Stages
Noise <50dB

1. Install the Control Panel
This is the part where you get to grab your electric drill! Simply attach the controller to the underside of desktop using the provided 3/4"screws.
2. Adjust to the Desired Height
To Adjust the desk,press and hold the up or down arrow. After 60 seconds, the panel will show sleep mode. To wake it up again, just press and hold the "M" button for 3 seconds.
3. Press "M" to store setting
To save your preferred height, press "M". The letter "S-" will be displayed. Then press "1", "2", or"3"within 5 seconds to store the height in memory.
4. Set Helpful Reminders
Set the timer by pressing "T". The display will flash "0.5h"(30 minutes). Then press "T" repeatedly to increase the time frame(up to 2 hours).

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