Why is the electric lifting table so expensive?

Compared with ordinary computer desks, the price of electric lifting tables is really expensive, but the essential gap between them is also obvious. The electric lifting table can adjust the height, but the height of the ordinary computer table is fixed and cannot be adjusted. As for the specific performance, it is mainly motor and table legs. The motor is the core of the electric lifting table. It directly determines the elevation adjustment, stability, and load -bearing capacity of the electric lifting table, the more the number of motors, and the more expensive the price. The electric lifting table of the thousand yuan price is equipped with a single motor driver. The high -end electric lifting table is equipped with dual motor -driven, but the price is generally more than 2,000 yuan. If other materials are better and the function is more abundant, it will be 3,000 yuan. Different configuration motors drivers, and the performance is also very different.

Followed by the table legs. When the lifting table is lifted, the table legs need to be expanded. If it cannot be adjusted as the ordinary computer table, there is no way to raise and fall. In addition to hardware, health needs are also on the one hand. After all, the dangers of sitting for a long time are clear. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time can easily cause back pain and shoulder and neck pain. The electric lifting table can be adjusted according to its height, and the height that is most suitable for them can be found, allowing users to realize the sitting station alternate, say goodbye to sedentary, and better protect their lumbar spine health.

Post time: Aug-26-2022