Is the electric lifting table true or IQ tax? Is it necessary to buy it?

After working in the workplace for a few years, some physical problems will occur more or less. Many people have already protruding their waist discs at a young age, and there are many shoulder and neck problems. Formation of sitting posture; Someone asked me before, usually there is no problem with my own sitting posture. I use the company’s desk and chairs. I sit very correctly, and I still often shoulder and neck pain. Similar to the sitting position in the figure below, there should be many people who are usually like this. The posture looks pretty good, but there is a big problem.v2-f41bd948e3b9fc1734c41e49ee66c169_r


Before the keyboard is placed, the arm is stretched, the elbows are not supported, and the elbows cannot be surrendered naturally at 90 degrees, resulting in the muscles of the shoulders have been tight. It is also easy to have problems.



The solution is also very simple, that is, to avoid sedentary and adjusting sitting positions, but it is difficult to control through human consciousness. It is necessary to use some external auxiliary devices. The chair can help the waist guard and standardize the sitting position. The lifting table can realize the standing office of the station. The cooperation of the two can keep us in a very healthy working state; I know that many companies do not have the conditions to stand office. The fixed height of the desk cannot be adapted to people of different heights. The general table height is about 75cm. Let a 160cm girl and a 180cm boy. The effect is definitely not the effect. The same, so it is important to be able to flexibly regulate the ergonomic chair, and then get up at a time to learn to work to touch fish.

Is it necessary to buy an electric lifting table?

Many people have to work late or work directly at home after getting home from work. I think it is necessary for the electric lifting table. It can better create a comfortable standing office environment at home; There are still some controversy on the online view of the lifting table. Good people feel very useful. They have a good effect on alleviating long -seated fatigue and protecting the health of the lumbar spine. I feel that the lifting table is not very useful. Sometimes it may be busy forgotten or feel that the trouble of lifting is rarely used to use it. For friends who can’t sit for a long time, have lumbar spine, shoulder and neck problems, the lifting table is definitely a very good office weapon, but the premise is to develop a good office habit of sitting alternately, because many times when you are busy, it is really easy to forget. Adjust the sitting position, you can remind yourself to stand alternately at a certain frequency through auxiliary devices such as smart bracelets.

I believe that when buying a desk, many friends have similar questions. Why choose the lifting table?

The high -intensity work and life rhythm make us need to sit in front of the table for a long time. It is common for two or three hours to be commonplace. It is not uncommon for four or five hours. The best way is to sit on the office for a long time, and I am tired of sitting and sitting. In addition, the general table height is 75cm by default, and for friends of different heights, the height of different heights may be different. Therefore, in order to obtain a more comfortable sitting position and standing office experience, you can adjust the height lifting table at will and enter the height. Popularized. Here, some people may ask, why should you choose more expensive electric lifting tables instead of cheap hand -to -hand and lower tables? The answer is also very simple. The electric lifting table can complete the direct switching of the office and standing office in the shortest time, and you can find the height that suits you best. The hand -lifting table is not only laborious, but it is also difficult to comparable to it.

Post time: Aug-15-2022